Finding Alice is something I created….I….being me….and me being Laura McGee. I found myself creating Finding Alice from my love of all things a little curious, somewhat magical and most of the way out of the box.

I started crafting head wear for myself and my performance partner Stefanie Elrick to wear on stage (we are performers you see, dancers, stilt walkers and all round nonsense makers)….people seemed to like it, so I carried on making and we carried on wearing….our studio got fuller and fuller until we had plenty of things to wear on stage but not much studio space left to work in!


i decided that if I wanted to keep making head wear at the rate i was going i should probably think about making things that I could sell and that people would enjoy buying and wearing ..

….and so, Finding Alice was born….

Finding Alice lives in a somewhat fantastical world, crafting head dresses for festival goers, fantasy lovers, alternative performers and those truly awesome people who just want to rock something that stands out in every day life.

I love sourcing objects and trinkets, shells and such treasures and crafting bespoke pieces. A lot of love, detail and energy goes in to the head wear that I create…

I hope that you love it too!